Consulting Services

Travel Policy Consulting

Travel Creations assists in setting defined and accessible Travel Policy or review current ones. Consideration is given to travel patterns and trends, current supplier programmes, market trends, budget objectives and future demands with the aim of reducing expenditure and increasing value received.

Technical Consulting

We help corporates evolve and adopt travel technologies that are in line with their profiles. We offer automated solutions that place control at your fingertips, increase accuracy, reduce costs and release resources to add value. From reservation to reporting, monitor and manage your procurement of travel services web-based tools.

Duty of Care

The safety and security of travellers and confidentiality of their data is of paramount importance to us and full real-time traveller locating reporting is available 24/7/365 for crisis management. Our traveler tracker system is able to track, inform and assist travelers during a crisis through email, telephone and SMS depending on the risk level of the event.