Leisure Travel FAQs

Leisure Travel FAQs

At Travel Creations, our travel agents have traveled all over the region including internationally. We want our customers to have the best travel experience possible, so our agents travel first hand so they can relay to our customers what trips would be best for them based on their individual likes and dislikes. Not to mention, we take all the headache out of planning a trip!

What can you do for me?

Our involvement in booking your holiday can vary from highly-involved (meaning suggesting holidays and things to do on a trip) to just booking exactly what you ask of us. And we do everything in between from arranging transportation to securing lodging & expert local guides. We also offer specially negotiated flights!

Yes! We are very comfortable working with any and all budgets.

Yes. Our agents are available for you and are also talking with vendors in order to negotiate deals for you.

Once you make the reservations you desire, we'll use our connections and clout to provide extra amenities, room upgrades, late checkouts and more.

Travel Insurance is available and highly recommended to protect you and your travel investment. Many international trips involve non-refundable tours depending when the booking is cancelled. Proper travel insurance protects our clients from unforeseen circumstances that may cause an unplanned and unfortunate cancellations.

You may settle payment through our secured online payment solution and receive real time payment confirmation, RTGS, Swift, EFT or Mpesa.

Any intention to cancel a booked holiday, please contact us right away. We prefer to receive information in writing and the company shall apply cancellation policies as applicable.If you purchased travel insurance, please contact the insurance company on their 24 hour help line to start the cancellation and documentation process.

It should be understood that during certain period of travel (PEAK times) we may not adhere to our cancellation policies due to making advance FULL payments to various hotels and lodges and as such cancellation during this time is 100%.
Additionally, most of the least expensive fares are non-refundable - and the change fee of up to $300 per ticket can be more than the actual cost of the ticket!

When you make your holiday reservations with us, a Travel Creations representative can provide useful ideas and feedback on mandatory innoculations, what to bring and what to wear according to local customs and traditions.

Travel almost anywhere outside the borders of any country now requires a passport and sometimes a visa. Some visas can be obtained on arrival at the airport with a visa fee. Please contact us for more information but it is advisable to also check with the Embassy in your local country.