Corporate Travel FAQs

Corporate Travel FAQs

As a travel management company we help companies control their business travel spend such as data analytics, consultancy, security & risk management solutions for their employees and account management

What is your process when you start working with a new client?

We take a very comprehensive approach to all of our clients. We study their travel pattern and existing contracts if any. It allows us to make recommendations on which preferred partners should be as well as what type of travel policies your company should have in place. This differentiates us from our competitors because we know that you will benefit.

Because of our affiliations, we are tied in to numerous travel networks worldwide that give us better negotiating power than individual companies. We are very strategic in who we choose as our partners keeping in mind that the goal is to leverage relationships that will give our clients the best service and prices available.

We have been in business for over 28yrs and have been offering the best rates for our customers. We are constantly in contact with our customers before they leave for their business trip and advise them of lower fares should it become available.

We certainly do more than book airfare for business trips. We also manage all hotel and car arrangements. In addition, we can coordinate meetings and events for small groups to large groups of 350 participants and more anywhere in the world. And our travel business doesn't stop there - we also have an entire leisure department to book inbound holidays as well as international. Because of our connections, we have better deals and special offers c ustomized to suit your holiday needs!

Yes! Something that is totally unique to Travel Creations is that can we manage your company's points. This way the company and individuals can benefit - redeemable rewards and other benefits

Of course! We are on hand to provide our services 24/7/365.

We offer a number of insurance programs that our corporate and leisure clients can take advantage of. Speak with your Travel Creations representative to learn more about the different programs we have to offer.

You should always receive your itinerary through your designated email address or viewtrip mobile app on your smartphone. If there is ever a time that you do not receive it, contact your Travel Creations representative and immediate assistance shall be offered.

You can by contacting us to assist you with the change. Flight cancelled? If an emergency situation like this arises during your business travel, you can count on us to coordinate and get you or company on next possible flight or alternative routes.

As a Travel Management Company, whether it's an emergency or you just need to know where a specific traveler is, for companies that book with us, we will have instant access to this information and have our team in place to deal with contact and repatriation.

Airlines have a non-refundable policy for highly restricted tickets. However, Travel Creations has a service we offer our clients in which we track unused tickets so you can apply them towards tickets/trips in the future. It removes the headache from you and improves the company's bottom line.

Having your travel booked and filled in one place makes life so much easier; you are able to keep track of your expenses right from the tools we provide, reduce time spent on expense claim process and allows you a much more streamlined approach to any VAT reclaim where applicable