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Travel Management

Travel Management Services

We offer solutions that will drive costs down, great savings, increased efficiencies and saves time and at the same time allowing you to enjoy a seamless and unprecedented high quality service for travel, accommodation and related services.

Management reporting

Our Management Information System is the key to effective performance management, clearly identifying comparative performance and cost savings achieved and savings opportunities missed, unused ticket management also make comparisons of traveler and department spend patterns and performance against budget. Below are some of the reports that can be generated:

  • Customer total business report
  • Customer sector report
  • Customer airline total business report
  • Customer airline class report
  • Customer sales/refund report
  • Customer passenger summary report
  • Customer cost saving report

Finance & Administration Process

Reviews of all travel data from the previous year, discuss upcoming strategies and expectations, explore the expected industry forecasts for impacts on your business, and implement actionable items. Additionally, we provide flexible travel expenses management in collaboration with our financial partners.

Flexible modes of payment including secured online payment solutions

Flexible modes of payment including secured online payment solutions.

Continuous training

We continuously develop a range of workshops to grow knowledge and understanding of travel management. Our staff routinely attend Travel Service Provider workshops to gain knowledge on the latest products that could be of value and ensure their product application skills are honed to excellent levels, assuring delivery of best service possible.

Key Account Management

We have a commitment to ensure that our clients are supported by the highest levels of service, from initial contact through all aspects of client relationship. Our dedicated Key Account Managers ensure we understand in-depth knowledge of the client and providing the right advice to suit their organizational needs and manage the following:

  • Corporate agreements
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Management Reports
  • Stakeholder interests