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Leisure Travel Services-Inbound

With a wealth of over 28 years experience, Travel Creations can make your dream come true. We will take you to remote and beautiful places away from all other people and the clutter of everyday life, be it a bush safari, retreat, or weekend getaway that you will never be able to erase from your memory.

We will introduce you to boundless horizons...endless savannahs, towering snow- capped peaks, vast valleys, tropical rainforests, deserts, volcanoes, and stunning beaches all within its borders.

As for your accommodation, you are spoilt for choice as there is a huge variety to choose from be it lodges, luxurious tented camps, honeymoon suites or family cottages at resorts and game reserves or community managed game sanctuaries and ranches. For those who like to steer their own course, we can avail to you customized programs to suit your budget.

Travel Creations supports sustainable tourism practices and continues to pursue eco- tourism vision to make the world's tourism environmental friendly and increase local community involvement; not just for the benefit of foreign visitors but also to protect our own world and its resources for our future benefit, our people and our wildlife. We can create packages that are specially designed to help local communities and to offer attractions.

Leisure Travel Services- Outbound

We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge knowledge of international holidays. With our vast network of hotels and tour operators, we have access to an array of value-added itineraries customized to meet your travel style and needs. We have established and enjoy solid relationships with our suppliers as in this way the benefits can be passed on to our clients. Our business relationships with major airlines puts us at an advantage to enjoy competitive airfares to holiday destinations.

For those who like to steer their own course, we can avail to you customized programs to suit your budget.

Be it a beach holiday, luxurious camping or fast passed fun in any city, your next getaway will be a memorable one. Whatever your preference or budget, you can be well assured that we will seek to get you a convenient and perfect travel experience!

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