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Move up to Travel Creations and experience Corporate Travel Solutions in a new sphere We recognize our clients have their own particular requirements.

We ensure that we are fully acquainted with your priorities, requirements, and your procurement goals and support these aims with effective travel management services and solutions.


We know that our clients experience of Travel Creations will be governed by the skills and manners of our people - they are our business. We do not compromise on the careful recruitment and selection of knowledgeable and expert staff, one way we make a difference. We are committed to the empowerment of our people on a consistent basis and education remains key to this process.

As a value-add to our clients, we ensure the knowledge gained from routinely attended Travel Service Providers workshop , the product application skills are honed to excellent levels, assuring you of the best prices possible.


We remain committed to our on-going investment in technology and in developing industry-leading solutions to meet our clients evolving travel needs. Our comprehensive approach to travel solutions means we utilize all tools at our disposal to innovatively, efficiently and consistently meet our client's requirements.

Managing your company's travel requirements from start to finish, reconciling those needs with your bottom line, and making your job easier along the way is our top priority.


Our procurement services extend to ensuring that travel services, in most cases the second largest controllable company expense, are actively managed and controlled. Our processes and products are designed not only to clearly inform you of your procurement and travel services costs but also to clarify performance expectations and measure this performance internally and externally.

Additionally, our MIS will not only keep you clearly informed of your travel procurement expenses but will realistically highlight the savings we have achieved for you and identify potential problem areas or specific travelers not adhering to policy.